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Tropical Leaves

Welcome to Meraki Kava Bar

Sip your way to relaxation

We know that Kava solves everything. That’s why we’re here to offer you the finest quality Kava available. At Meraki Kava Bar, we make to order; offering globally-sourced kava from our counter to your cup. Browse our site to learn more.

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New Location Downtown 

Meraki Downtown 

1229 Grand Ave

Phoenix Az 85007

Who We Are

 At Meraki Kava Bar, we pick and brew the best Kava to make sure you enjoy will be a unique and satisfying experience for both body and mind. 

Check our products and best sellers to learn more, and stop by to try them for yourself.

Our Collection

Kava makes you quiet and able to think and listen to your thoughts. Your mind open.  Sometimes its like entering a relaxed dream. 

Join us on a relaxed journey with friends in North Phoenix next door to the TYLrelax Meditaion/Yoga Studio 

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 Premium Fiji Kava Kava 

Flavor to chill

Tongan Kava

Start Every Day Fresh

Fresh Root Kava

Awaken the Senses

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Image by Joe Cook
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